About Us

Welcome to M R S Hobby Shop: At the start, we opened in 1984 as M.R.S. Hobby Shop (Model Railroad Station Hobby Shop Inc.). We carry a variety of hobby products from plastic models cars, airplane, Bandai Gundam to radio control, even puzzles, and many other categories. Over the years (40 years) and still having fun helping you with your HOBBY.

MRS Hobby Shop

9860 S 700 E  Ste10

Sandy Utah 84070


If you e-mail us questions - Please send your questions in and we will reply ASAP.

Integrity: We operate our business with integrity and request your feedback. We want your experience to be 100%, but if there are concerns about our support or services please do not hesitate to contact one of us and we will correct it for you, to the best of our ability.


Thank You!